Password Phishing

What is phishing ?

Hackers are day and night trying to intrude into your (mail) account. So if you are already hacked by a person, you are said to be ‘phished’. No one would want that their accounts are handled by someone else.

How can we prevent phishing?

Leading web mail service providers are trying very hard to reduce phishing of their accounts. Certain mitigation measures can reduce the risk of your account from been hacked

* Don’t reply to any mails that ask for your password. Immediately spam that message

* Don’t visit any hacking site or it will hack you only!

* Incase you use a Google Account for many services, such as Gmail , Orkut , change your password regularly. I also recommend that you keep different passwords for all your accounts.

* If you are invited by anyone to Gmail , change your secondary Email immediately if the person who has invited you is not trust worthy. Your secondary Email has the power to change your password.

* For extra security, I recommend you to use Yahoo Mail services as at this point the hackers target is Gmail and other Google accounts


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