Megaglobe. The future Google?

I went on a survey over the internet to find about a new search engine titled 'Megaglobe'. Now lets see what the officials speak
All over the world, people are logging on to the Internet, and they need a search engine that will cater to their specific needs, in the language they are most comfortable with,” says Danial Moore, CFO of Megaglobe. “Megaglobe is that search engine, and it will end Google’s time at the summit.
Now lets have a deeper analysis on the features that are going to be provided by Megaglobe
  • Megaglobe would be providing searches in 45 languages. Good for international users
  • Megaglobe will have its own advertising networks. They are now using a new term " Pay Per Valid Click" for protecting Advertisers from Click Frauds
  • Good news for Advertisers, Magaglobe will take a comparatively less amount to display an advertiser's advertisement on search result page
  • Publishers of Meglobe Ad network will higher percentages of click through profits than that of any other
  • A new Magaglobe Page Rank would also be their for giving their site visitors best results for their searches, trawling through more than a billion indexed pages to give users exactly what they require.
Big promises are being made by the officials of Megaglobe even though it hasn't been launched yet.At this time, Megaglobe Search isn't functioning and is accepting new websites/blogs to get into their indexes.Click here to add your site.For more information on Megaglobe Advertising Networks , you can contact Megaglobe team at


  1. Impressive. Even though it will take sometimes for them to reach the top but they sure have the potential to.

  2. Looks like they are on point regarding click fraud and webmasters.

    If it becomes the new Google, then Google will buy it!


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