Do you have an icon for your website?

Have you ever noticed an icon next to the url of websites?

Do you too want one? Here is the guide.

First of all you need a icon generator. If you don’t have one don’t be upset, as there is an alternative too. If you have Paint, Photoshop or any other photo editing software, then open it. Make a new image with resolution of a square {eg.50x50}.Then, to make a perfect icon, type the first letter of your website URL. For e.g. Google icon has G. Then you can make some cool effects like a drop shadow etc. [with Photoshop]. Remember your letters should be covering whole of the canvas so that the icon is clearly visible. Now that you have made an image [can be any jpg , gif bmp].Paste a simple coding into the head section of your website’s homepage source or that of templates.

Icon.jpg should be changed into the local path of your icon image. I recommend that you use an *.ico extension for IE supports it well.If you don’t have a icon generator, use paint to save as an icon {You have to save as icon.ico}.Done!!

But if you are using blogger[like me],MySpace,or any other blogging service provider that do not support uploading, you’ll have to use free web space providers like Google pages. Upload your file there. Then give your long source in the source provided above. Some of them like blogger already have an default icon but can be changed by putting the above source.

If you can’t create one , you can also search for them in Web Search Engines like Google

If you are a blogger , you can have the following 3d icon (like mine){right click and save the picture}


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  2. Thanks I've trying to make one of this for myself but no one ever gave me the proper steps, I just hope I don't mess it up, I hate being new at this.

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