Deepfish. The new mobile web browser from microsoft

The Microsoft's answer to Google and Yahoo is in the form of Deepfish which is a newly launched web browser for mobiles. Deepfish displays content "in a familiar desktop format that requires no additional work by the content or site author," according to the company.The officials quoted it as a "lightweight client application that leverages server-side technology to deliver content."

Users are able to zoom in on the part of the page they want to read or click on.

Microsoft says Deepfish stands apart from other mobile browsers because it does not use a single-column format that reformats existing Web pages by repositioning content to fit the limited screen size.

Web page zooming technology is becoming an important feature with the latest mobile devices. Apple's(Nasdaq: AAPL) iPhone has a similar system for its Safari mobile browser. The Microsoft-backed firm ZenZui has also developed mobile software.

Microsoft seems keenly interested in making the Web browsing experience on mobile devices more intuitive for users. Deepfish appears similar to work of the latest company to be funded by Microsoft's IP venture, ZenZui.(which will be available later this year)

What are you waiting for? Download it For Windows 5 + mobile from the live labs Website


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