Are you being copied?

After several complaints from my visitors, I decided to write an article to resolve this problem. First of all, go to , and then enter your URL. If you found a web-page having absolutely same article like of yours, note the website’s URL .Please not note the feed address of your URL only! Now we have come to know that the webmaster of that site is a cheat. Now visit the website, look for the about us/contact us section. Get the e-mail address of the webmaster, and send him a mail regarding your problem. You can ask him to remove your article or place a link to the original article of your website. If the webmaster refuses or doesn’t reply then you will have to work harder. If you can find the web portal at which the website is being hosted then its great! Next step should be to draft a mail to the webmaster of the web-portal regarding your complaint. You can use the date of your article as an evidence .If still nothing happens ,then draft a mail to Google & other popular search engines regarding the complaint. I hope it will resolve the issue up to some extent. Google robots then may not index the violators webpage.

Prevention is always better than cure. Now some websites like are offering licenses to websites. If your website doesn’t have any , build one right now! I have also created one for my blog, see bottom of page. These web licenses help a lot in such situations. On Creative Commons you can create a license for you website in such a way that you can make legal content available for the ones who want your content on their websites. In such situations, they copier will have to place a link to your original content too. {As it is a one of the rule}.You may also want to protect your website from fraud by copyscape anti –website pilagrism warning banners {although they are for show only!}


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